Voicemail Sequencing with Orum & Outreach

Exciting news! The long-awaited Voicemail Sequencer is LIVE!

This major update was designed to enable you to increase efficiency while simultaneously preserving the personalized experience to your end-user, your future customers.

We’d love to schedule some time to get your feedback and share best practices for this new feature, and we hope you are as excited as we are about incorporating this feature into your day-to-day workflow.

Reach out directly to your CSM or contact us via Support@orumhq.com to schedule training.

Happy Hunting,

Your Orum CS Team

What is Voicemail Sequencer?

The voicemail sequencer allows for users to select pre-recorded voicemail messages that perfectly fit the sequence and/or step the prospect is in, which reduces the need for filtering or context switching between the myriad of concurrent team sequences.

How to use Voicemail Sequencer:

  1. Select the cadence you want to sequence voicemails for in the Search List dropdown on the dialer settings panel.

  2. Select the Settings icon or click the “View voicemail sequencer” link in the Voicemail section.

  3. Select the first call step you want to leave a voicemail on. Only phone steps will be available in the dropdown.

  1. Select from the pre-recorded voicemails listed or choose to record a new voicemail.

  1. Once a voicemail has been selected, you can press the Play button to listen to the recording.

  1. Once saved, the voicemail sequence will be visible on the dialer settings.

  1. Now you’re all set to dial through your list! Happy Hunting!


  • Is the voicemail sequencer available for integrations outside of Outreach?

Not yet. We will notify you once this feature is available through other integrations.

  • Is voicemail sequencer available when Power or Parallel dialing?

Yes. It is available with both power and parallel dialing. While power dialing, make sure to check the dialing option to “Auto detect and leave/skip VMs”

  • Do I have to program a voicemail for every step?

No, you only need to set up a voicemail for steps where you want one left. Orum will skip leaving a voicemail on calls for all other steps where a voicemail has not been set up.

  • Will the appropriate voicemail be left when I call All Due Tasks?

Yes, Orum will follow the voicemail preferences set for the specific sequence and call step the task is tied to. If no voicemail is set up for a specific step, no voicemail will be left.

  • What happens when I call on One-Off Due Tasks

One-off due tasks will operate just as they did before. You will have the option to leave no voicemail or to select a voicemail from your list of pre-recorded voicemails.