Pausing dialing

whats the easiest way to just pause dialing, not disconnect, just pause to take a note etc?

Hi @morrillt ,

Exactly! Just hit the pause button and you will still remain ready to dial within having to dial back in

the pause button immediately hangs up the current call though… sometimes i just want to be like after this call let me take a note… like pause after current… #featurerequest.

Hi @morrillt these calls will be sent to your cancelled calls so they will eventually get called until completion

I get it:

Feature request: new button - pause new calls… ie let current calls run through, but stop loading more, so i can take some notes etc.


Yo this is a great idea- Sometimes we don’t want to hang up on people, but we want to “don’t dial anymore after the ones that are ringing”

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I’ll agree. When we were doing a demo, this is something we were trying to figure out and it felt very odd that there was no “pause after calls completed” button

I agree that this would be useful.

It would also be great to be able to see how many dials you have done when dialing, and even say… dial X number then pause… lots of us just want to make a set number of dials then pause and get coffee etc… not having that I am constantly switching to the analytics page,… just a suggestion…

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