ORUM Chronicles 001

I’m starting this thread to hold myself accountable to my goals when it comes to outbound phone prospecting. Each day I’ll answer these two questions:

  1. What can I learn from looking at “Hook Rejected” dispositions?
  2. What can I learn from “Objection - Send Info” dispositions?

I was inspired after coming across this Phd dissertation on cold calling:

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OK definitely every day was too ambitious.

I’m now setting appointments for myself so I’ve gotten a renewed energy that I’ve channeled into my calls. This seems elementary, but I realize I’ve been doing a lot of overprocessing/overthinking in both my personal life and job, and that it would serve me to reduce that as much as possible.

I’ve added the following mantras to the Talk Track document that I leave up while dialing.


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Battlestation post!

Got the 3 monitors going:

  1. Calendar
  2. Talk Track
  3. Orum

And Dialpad going for one-off calls.

Now I don’t have to switch to different screens at all. Next improvement is going to get my lavalier microphone working, so I can move about the room while still having great sound.

Would love to see your guys setups as well!

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3 Tips from today:

  1. “Motion creates emotion” listening to 10 dial-tones in a row is not very relaxing. I’ve found that doing pushups, pull-ups, just moving around in general really helps! You should already know your pitch, and not have to stare at it while the phone’s ringing.
  2. Talk track + calendar - it’s awesome having Google Doc with your Talk Track open and the ability to pull up the calendar on the right to book the meeting right there
  3. Story telling - something’s been a little off with my pitches lately and I think it’s a lack of storytelling. I’ve been using anecdotes to warm cold prospects up/address objections and I think it’s landing.
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