Orum Call list Refresh

I was wondering if Orum could automatically “refresh” a call list say, each morning or something?

For example, currently if you start calling through a list, but don’t finish it, other tasks could be due but you won’t see them if you don’t refresh. I have a followup call list that I have been working through for a week, and I had all more followups come due that I didn’t realize until I refreshed.

Next I’m I’m going to remember to refresh or re-set the list before I start calling, but would be pretty cool if this was done automatically on a daily basis, if we choose to at least.

Anyone else feel this would be helpful?


Is this specifically for integrations w/ Outreach etc.? I’m having a bit of trouble understanding what the value of refreshing the call list would be–is it just so you don’t have to remember to click the “Refresh” button, or is it something else?

@sjberry- thanks for posting about this! This actually already happens each time you load the list. So each morning, if you come into Orum and select the list from the sidebar, it’ll automatically be refreshed.

Yes, integration with Outreach. I think I used the wrong word. I’m talking about the reset button. I’m not sure the difference between the two, but sometimes when it takes a couple days to go through a list, the newer leads or new tasks won’t show up until I click “Reset” Maybe if we had a “View” or a window that showed us which leads would be pulled in on “reset” so that we could at least see due tasks that aren’t showing up.

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I think a refresh would be helpful. We connect right to Salesforce, and if we identify the correct contact at an account, we flag the account and then pull all other contacts out of the call report. The problem with this is that we have to go out then back in to Orum to get any other contacts to disappear.