My top 20 best practices for using Orum

Hey Everyone, I’m an SDR Team lead here at Orum. I thought it would be helpful for everyone to hear my top 20 learns from using Orum internally here. Hope they help!

  1. Power dial your first call tasks. It’s a great way to validate data because you can hear the VM and mark numbers valid or invalid within Outreach. First call tasks also have highest pick up rate.
  2. Making sure you have correct titles in your list. Don’t just upload a random list. Orum is as good as your list. If you put good POC’s into the system, you will book meetings. If you connect with the wrong person all day long, you will not book meetings.
  3. Be prepared for the beep when parallel dialing. Be confident. Assume whoever answers is the right person unless text transcriptions say otherwise.
  4. If you use outreach or salesloft, don’t call all of your call tasks at once. Break it down by sequences so you can customize your VM’s based off the step of the sequence they are in. This really helps with creating customization at scale.
  5. Call with a friend. Since you are using Orum you won’t have to wait 40 minutes for 1 connect. It is also so much more fun when you are doing calls with a colleague. Takes a lot of the pressure off and you can laugh together at the unpleasant phone calls.
  6. Have a script to help you be prepared. Scripts help reduce anxiety for when you get connected. The more and more you do it, the better you will get and it will become second nature.
  7. Mark your phone numbers correctly after you’re done calling.
  8. Listen to your recorded calls. Listen to the good calls and listen to the bad calls so you can see what you do very well and what you need to work on. Do this at the end of the day.
  9. Cancelled calls- change call from number.
  10. Choose a major metropolitan area phone number. Ideally one in the area you are calling. If you call the entire country then use Bay Area, NYC, or Chicago area codes.
  11. Download for call backs. This app is a MUST have for anyone in inside sales.
  12. Monitor your connects to conversations ratio. You should focus on at least a 50% conversion here.
  13. Look at talk time to make sure you are having conversations
  14. Look at the bridge to connect ratio
  15. Dials do not matter since you have Orum. Conversations are all that matter. How many dials does it take to have a conversation? Work your way backwards from there to make sure you have enough call tasks to hit your goals.
  16. Don’t be nervous, all of your custom information that you have chosen in the settings will be there. If you haven’t, definitely make sure you set up your settings to make sure what is important to you shows up at the top
  17. Make sure you are dialing the right number of calls in parallel based off your connect rate. A person with a 1% connect rate should not be making the same amount of parallel calls as someone with a 10% connect rate.
  18. If you are not booking meetings, take a step back and figure out why by looking at your analytics to see your most common dispositions. If your most common disposition is “Wrong Person- No Referral” then you should work on asking for a referral to the right person.
  19. Calling is the most powerful way to connect with prospects, but emails & LI are still very valuable.
  20. Go to your call history and look at bad numbers and fix them in your system of record

Hope this helps everyone! Happy Hunting


If you have one sequence that has multiple calling steps in it, how do you filter down to all open activities that are in Call Step 1 vs Call Step 4?

@Jacob great question. You have the ability to filter by step. I attached some screenshots that shows how it works. I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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