In Outreach, are one-off / manual call tasks completed?

I just called my one off tasks and only a few got completed. Can someone please advise why this is happening?

Hi @Dialerguy- this is a complicated question. I am assuming you are using Outreach?

1st- in the settings you can choose to have your one-off call tasks completed upon successful completion of the call OR you can have them only be completed upon connecting with a prospect. The reason why reps opt to only complete these call tasks upon a connect is because they don’t want to lose track of these prospects within Outreach and they can call them again tomorrow without having to make a new task.

That said, the other issue could be that some of your calls might not have been successfully completed. Orum will not complete the call tasks within Outreach for calls that are out of service, busy, or cancelled because no call was made to these numbers. We suggest replacing the number with a better phone number and then call the prospect again.