How do I bring a conversation up with my boss on investing in Orum vs.

I have an ROI calculator (thanks Patrick) but I think I need some more meat to bring to the table in terms of business value–I know it’s there, just don’t want to get my hand slapped.

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Great question - We always encourage folks to run a side-by-side comparison to see the results for themselves, both in total output and day to day usage of different systems.

Which platform provided better performance for your needs?

Ring looks more like a click-to-dial system. That might be sufficient for some companies, whereas people who invest in Orum are looking for true automation and higher output per sales rep.

Also, it will be helpful to know if you are considering Orum’s Express PowerDialer or the Elite ParallelDialer?

I’m using as a powerdialer right now. I would be looking at the Elite ParallelDialer.

I didn’t do side-by-side testing, but I did take advantage of Orum’s week-long demo. Although the performance was definitely increased using Orum, I don’t think I was able to fully maximize the potential (probably need to watch the high-velocity cold calling webinar again).

A few points that may help:

Measuring total output in a given time period when using your current system vs Orum. We have a Total Cost of Ownership template (maybe this is what Patrick provided you) that can help show your leadership the math of sales.

You put your weekly dial metrics, connects, meetings, pipeline from those meetings (status quo), then enter in the results from your pilot period. If the math works out it can help paint a picture for your executive team how an investment in Orum can yield 50% to 100% increase in rep capacity.

I’d be happy to walk you through this exercise on a screenshare

Yes what’s your availability?