American Dream?

My parents moved here from the Philippines to work at a US company in search of the American Dream. Now that sales has shifted 100% virtual, do you think this opens the path for would-be immigrants to realize the American Dream without taking the huge risk of actually moving to the US?

If so that would be huge. The wage disparity means that you could pick from the most experienced and talented B2B sales reps overseas, and give them an offer that they can’t refuse, while STILL saving the company money.

Thoughts? Can overseas workers ever be successful in full-cycle sales?

Here’s an example of a BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) call center, extremely common in the Phillipines.

Does anyone else see insane value creation potential in re-training these call center workers to shift them from the Customer Service/Success side to the Sales/Sales Development side of the Customer Experience discipline?

Being curious about the potential value creation of hiring reps that live outside of the US, I asked a Director of Sales Development at a Series B company about the viability of non-domestically-located AEs. He responded with enthusiasm to the idea of hiring non-domestically-located SDRs, but didn’t think they’d be given a chance at closing.

"Just mean that the norm is to hire US based workers that have been put through an SDR program.

Could absolutely shift, just saying that’s not the norm now so it will be more difficult.

Same thing as you don’t need to be a college grad to be a good SDR, but most tech companies don’t look at candidates unless they have a college degree"

I am trying to understand the “bias” that this person mentioned. Below is a screenshot of a conversation with a rep overseas that was closing business in the US. It ended up not working out due him having to work graveyard while taking care of a child.

Anyone have any ideas what the “bias” is towards non-domestically-located reps? Is it language, culture, something else? I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Just spoke with a rep in the Philippines that worked as a closer for an American, company–asked him a couple of questions about the job:

Were you treated equally?
How good was the pay compared to other opportunities in Phil?
Did you have the same opportunity for promotion?
Did you come across any trouble “connecting” with US buyers?
Why did the company decide to hire in Phil?
Are they still hiring in Phil?
Does he know many others in Phil who work in closing roles at US companies?

Would love to get your guys’ take on the future of remote work/Work-from-Anywhere, especially when it comes to how it might affect those of us in sales!